Dental Suppliers

The following companies are registered with Magpie Tech. Corp. as authorized dealers/ suppliers of ART dental products. They receive authentic ART dental products from us as we import them directly from the manufacturer, Bonart Co., Ltd.

In order for us to provide the best service to our customers, we carefully screen suppliers. If you are a dental supplier and would like to purchase ART dental equipment from us for resale, please go here to register with us.

If you are a dentist or veterinarian and are trying to purchase ART equipment for use, please check with one of the suppliers listed below for availability. In some cases, your supplier will ask us to ship from our warehouse on their behalf. Unfortunately, Magpie Tech. Corp. does not sell directly to private practices.

All Repair and Supply
Allied Health Products
Allison Dental Supply
American Dental Accessories Inc.
Ameri-Dent, Inc.
Angel Dental Supply
Apex Dental Supply
Apexx Veterinary Equipment (veterinary)
Archer Dental Equipent Company
Arnold Dental Supply, Co. Inc.
Atlanta Dental Supply Co.
Avtec Dental
Basic Dental Repair
Benco Dental
Bergman Dental
BR Dental
Bright Dental U.S.A. Inc.
Tru-Test Certification Services, LLC
Budman’s Dental Supplies (Our first authorized Ebay dealer)
Burkhart Dental Supply
Certified Dental Supply, LLC
Chase Dental Supply
Cloverleaf Distribution, LLC
Coastal Dental Supply
Collins Dental Equipment Co.
Corban Dental Supply
Corona Handpiece Sales and Repair
Dansereau Health Products
Darby Dental Supply, LLC
Dental City
Dental Equipment & Supply, Inc.
Dental Equipment Specialists
Dental Fix Rx
Dental MD
Dental Repair Technicians Association
Diversified Dental Sales
DoWell Dental Products, Inc.
Dr. Shipp’s Laboratories (veterinary)
Eagle Dental Supply
Empire Dental Supplies (California)
Florida Dental Repair
Freud Dental Supply Co.
Garden State Dental Supplies
Genuine Glove
Handpiece Headquarters
Handpiece Master
Health Science Products Inc.
Henry Schein Inc.
HRC Dental, Inc.
Interguide Dental & Medical Supply
Iowa Dental Supply LLC
IQ Dental Supply
Jackpot Dental Equipment Sales and Service
Jayco Dental Sales, Co. (Authorized Ebay dealer)
J&M Dental Solutions LLC
Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.
Kings Two Dental Supply
Lion’s Dental Supply & Equipment
Longview Veterinary Equipment (veterinary)
M&S Dental Supplies Inc.
Mazza Dental Equipment Co. Inc.
MDS-Midway Dental Supply
Midwest Dental
Mobile Dental Systems
Mounce Endo LLC
NDI Nashville Dental Inc.
Nowak Dental Supplies Inc.
O’Ryan Medical Supplies
P&T Medical Dental
Pacific Medical Dental
Paragon Medical (veterinary)
Parts Warehouse Inc.
Patterson Dental
P.D.Q. Maintenance
Pearson Dental
Premium Plus Dental USA
Prestige Dental Products
Redwood Dental Supply
Ryens Repair and Supply
Sabra Dental Products
Scott’s Dental Supply
Service Star Dental
SF Dental Supply, LLC.
Sky Dental Supply Inc.
Star Dental Supply
Supply Doc.
Tiger Dental (California)
TL Dental Scaler Co.
Tri-County Dental Supplies
Trinity Supply International
True Spin Dental, LLC
Udent Inc.
Ultimate Dental (Division of Endoco Inc.)
US Medlink (Dental Parts)
Westview Handpiece Center
White Lotus Dental Supplies
Wise Dental Repair
World’s Precision Instruments
World Wide Unlimited Supplies, Inc.