Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are there no prices on your website?

Your dental supplier should be able to provide you with prices.

If you are an authorized dealer, please email to request a price sheet.

2. Why is the part that I am looking for not on your website?

Parts that require you to open, dismantle, rewire, solder, etc., are not listed on our website because replacing such parts will void any existing warranties on your machine.

If you are an authorized dealer and need parts that are not listed on the price sheet and/or website, please contact

3. Would repairs through Magpie Tech. Corp. void warranties on my ART machine?

No. Since it is difficult for many customers to ship machines to Taiwan for repair, Bonart Co., Ltd. has allowed us to perform repairs for customers in North and South America. If the warranty period of your ART machine has not expired, repairs performed at Magpie Tech. Corp. will not void the warranty.

4. Why am I being quoted repair fees when my machine should still be under warranty?

Bonart Co., Ltd. has a limited warranty that covers defects in craftsmanship for different parts for different lengths of time.
You will be quoted for repairs if the warranty period of the particular part has expired or if the type of damage that requires repairs does not qualify for warranty coverage by Bonart Co., Ltd. To find more information about warranty coverage, please visit the manufacturer’s website,