BS Piezo Tips

The ART BS piezo tip series is compatible with the ART-P6/Piper and ART-P3II/Pelican scaling units. The BS series is also compatible with Satelec-style hand pieces threads.

Model/Name: BS-1
Part number: TP0102-042
Type: Universal tip for general scaling

Model/Name: BS-2
Part number: TP0102-032
Type: Flat chisel tip

Model/Name: BS-3
Part number: TP0102-022
Type: Rounded flat tip

Model/Name: BS-P
Part number: TP0102-052
Type: Perio piezo tip

Model/Name: BS-1S
Part number: TP0102-092
Type: Slim perio piezo tip

Model/Name: BS-10P
Part number: TP0102-082
Type: Perio piezo tip

Model/Name: BS-PFU
Part number: TP0102-152
Type: Rounded perio piezo tip

Model/Name: BS-PFL
Part number: TP0102-032
Type: Rounded perio, left angled tip

Model/Name: BS-PFR
Part number: TP0102-142
Type: Rounded perio, right angled tip